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A Natural Approach to Healing

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SoulFlow CNT is here to help your Health & Wellbeing! I understand that everyone is unique and requires a different approach to support your Healing & Relaxation! I intend to pass on the knowledge and skills I have learned so you can live a healthier and more fulfilling life! SoulFlow CNT does this by using A combination of Taoist, Thai, Japanese, and western healing modalities to help find inner balance and harmony by using a system that covers the Mental, Physical and spiritual elements!

Why SoulFlow CNT?


Practicing Karate


I have had three treatments with Daen recently, incorporating both chi nei tsang abdominal massage and tok sen. Daen is very respectful, kind and caring and super passionate about these treatments and wanting to help others to heal themselves. He explains what he is finding as he goes through the treatment and makes suggestions for how you can continue to release any stagnant energy following the treatment. The massage is intense at times but so totally worth it. I feel more grounded and connected with myself afterwards and my energy is more balanced. I highly recommend Daen if you are looking for alternative ways of massage and healing, I am very grateful to be learning from him.


I was lucky enough to “connect” with Daen in a group meditation session. His kind gentle nature combined with an amazing array of healing techniques has assisted with dealing with life’s hectic pace. Daen is one of those people that you cross paths with that has a special gift. Highly recommended!


Just want to thank you Daen for the amazing experience. First time trying the SoulFlow and I feel soooo relaxed. I do need more work and I will be booking you in soon. Thank you again also for the detail explanation of the process. I wish you all the best on your journey. Cheers Jim.


My first experience with treatment from Daen was some Tok Sen - the positive effects I felt with clarity in my mind and lightness in my body were amazing! I’ve been back another 3 times since then to experience it all, and have no doubt in saying that Daen is highly in tune with the energies within and surrounding our being, and puts his heart and soul into working with one’s particular needs. I’ll be back again and again, as I have absolute faith in his ability to channel what is required for healing at a deep level. I highly recommend you try for yourself, and feel the difference in your own state of mind, body and soul. Thank you Daen for all your 100% authentic care, efforts, and skill! See you again soon....

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“True healing takes place within!”

Author unknown


An Ancient Science of Rejuvenation!

Chi Nei Tsang is an Ancient Taoist and Thai form of Abdominal Massage and emotional detox  that has been used as a healing practice thought to be over Two Thousand years!

The practice was initially thought to be developed by the White Cloud Taoist Monks in China. As well as, a traditional Thai Massage. Which was later refined by Mantak Chia.

Chi Nei Tsang translates to Chi-Energy  Nei Tsang- Inside/Internal workings, which means in short, working with the energy of internal organs. 

There have been a vast number of health benefits.

The practice of CNT does this by enhancing your natural healing processes that naturally occur in your body by removing energy blockages and increasing circulation! Subsequently, your physical and emotional well-being can improve.

Modern science is yet to discover and fully understand the the astounding benefits of CNT!

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Immerse Your Senses in Tranquillity

Originally used by Buddhist Monks in the 14th century to help aid the healing of soldiers. 

I have personally made herbal pods with various aromas and essential oils, which are then steam heated.

The herbal pods are then rubbed, kneaded and compressed on your skin and muscles. which provides a skin treatment in addition to relieving aches and pains

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Tapping into Vitality!

Tok-Sen is a Traditional Thai massage that originates from Northern Thailand. The massage technique uses the aid of a wooden mallet and rod of various shapes and is tapped in conjunction with various massage strokes.

The technique primarily works by sending a sound or vibration deep into the body's tissue or Sen meridian lines and helps restore circulation and energy flow. Tok-Sen is very beneficial for removing deep muscular tension without the associated pain that is often experienced with deep tissue massage.

This can be used in conjunction with other massage therapies.

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