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Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)

Taoist Abdominal Massage

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) or Taoist abdominal massage is an ancient Taoist and Thai form of abdominal massage that has been used as a healing practice to improve and rebalance physical, emotional, and spiritual health for over two thousand years!

This is done by a range of massage techniques and energy work called Qigong where the CNT Practitioner connects to the universal life force. 

The practice was initially thought to be developed by the Taoist Sages / Monks in China. Chi Nei Tsang also has origins traced to traditional Thai Massage.

How will Chi Nei Tsang Help

Ultimately Chi Nei Tsang helps unlock your true self, dharma or nature leading to a increase in state of flow and harmony!

Tense muscles, tension and stress, emotional imbalances, low energy levels, sleep disturbances, and much more are often a result of internal emotional conflict, stagnation of chi, or built-up emotions in the organs and surrounding tissues.

Additionally, Chi Nei Tsang can help to speed healing and reduce scar tissue from injury or trauma or surgical intervention after the acute healing phase has passed.

Chi Nei Tsang ultimately gives your body and organs a helping hand and energetic boost, so it can get to work on regenerating!

A session of Chi Nei Tsang improves abdominal circulation and energy flow! This can greatly improve and assist with:

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Back Pain

  • Weight loss

  • Digestive disorders such as constipation, IBD, CHRONS, Nutritional mal-absorption, insulin regulation, GERD/GORD, Gallstone prevention

  • Fertility problems

  • Nervous disorders such as anxiety and depression

  • Musculoskeletal problems

  • Auto-immune disorders such as Lupus and chronic fatigue.

  • For more information go to FAQ Chi Nei Tsang

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