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Neidan Tao Mediations

Wednesday 6 pm

Every Wednesday night at 6 pm I will be holding a meditation class on basic Taoist meditations. Meditations will vary between the 6 healing sounds meditation, inner smile, or some simple Tao Yin techniques. these are guided meditations to help connect with your internal world and develop a stronger connection with your organs and physical body, over time and practice you will be able to move and manage the energies within us developing more self-awareness, understanding, and growth within your own internal world.

Morning joint rotations and standing Qigong class

Every Thursday morning At 0930 am. I will be running a Standing qigong and joint rotations, class. I focus primarily on connecting with the universal energies that surround us, removing any excess movements so you can focus on interacting and feeling these energies. I also add joint rotations to encourage freedom of movement which helps decrease stress levels and pain and improve energy levels. Please contact me for further details and to secure your space.

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Meditation & Qigong workshops

What will you learn? The basic Taoist energy work practices, starting with standing Qigong to become aware of the 3 main energetic forces around us and be able to interact with them.

The six healing sounds meditation is a meditation technique to begin the journey of transforming our internal world. by connecting to our organ systems. By scanning and clearing any negative or unwanted energies.

The inner smile meditation to positively transform, our internal world by bringing happiness, love, joy, self-love, and understanding within ourselves

The cost is $50 + A small donation to Bamboo land to help them keep their beautiful space maintained.
Water and fruit will be provided. 
Bring your own lunch and portable chair for the seated meditations

Contact me to express your interest for a workshop

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