SoulFlow CNT is here to help your Health & Wellbeing! I understand that everyone is unique and requires a different approach to support your Healing and relaxation! I intend to pass on the knowledge and skills I have learned so you can live a healthier and more fulfilling life! SoulFlow CNT does this by using A combination of Taoist, Thai, Japanese, and western healing modalities to help find inner balance and harmony by using a system that covers the Mental, Physical and spiritual elements!!


An Ancient Science of Rejuvenation!

Chi Nei Tsang is an Ancient Taoist and Thai form of Abdominal Massage and emotional detox, that has been used as a healing practice thought to be over Two Thousand years!

The practice was initially thought to be developed by the White Cloud Taoist Monks in China. As well as, a traditional Thai Massage. Which was later refined  by Mantak Chia.

Chi Nei Tsang, translates to Chi-Energy Nei Tsang- Inside/Internal workings, which means in short, working with the energy of internal organs. 

There have been reports of a vast number of health benefits.

The practice of CNT does this by enhancing your natural healing processes that naturally occur in your body by removing blockages and increasing circulation! Subsequently your physical and emotional well-being can improve!

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