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My Journey

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My Childhood

Throughout my childhood, I felt a deep passion for trying to understand how things work. Especially the biological sciences, the human body, and nature! As well as enjoying everything to do with the ocean, nature, and sports. I also believed at a young age that there was always something more to life which we could not explain. I have always felt compassion towards others for as long as I can remember, which lead me to dabble in different forms of spirituality and healing modalities such as Mirimiri, Rongoa, and meditation throughout my early years. 

My childhood was full of challenges and learning lessons from an early age. During that time, I was trying to fit into the norms of society, which led me down a different path. I worked in the trades sector and did a short period in the military. During this period, I felt there was something was missing - passion in life and a loss of self...

My Career Path

I left the military when I was twenty-one. I went through a deep reflection phase and got back to what mattered to me, looking at my childhood passions. I decided I was either going to study to be a doctor, physiotherapist, or registered nurse.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2012, then later completed a postgraduate diploma in Nursing Science. As a nurse, I have worked in aged care, medical, surgical, vascular, ENT, community nursing, and currently as a travel nurse in Australia. Being in the medical/nursing profession for this length of time, I started to notice there was much more than meets the eye; concerning our health, wellbeing & prevention of illness & disease.


My plan was to continue to be a nurse practitioner; however, my path changed again about 3 years ago.


My path to fulfilling my calling

About 3 years ago, I was very fortunate to stumble across a little gem! I attended a surfing retreat in the Philippines. It was called the Freedom and Flow retreat, led by Nathan, Joveline Head, and their amazing family! Part of the package included Taoist meditations, Qigong, lots of surfing, and mobility.

My initial reasons for going on this retreat was for surfing, R&R, and the amazing location. Everything else was a bonus! Little did I know that this trip would change my life!


Nathan introduced me to various Taoist meditations, Qigong techniques, and also Chi Nei Tsang.


This was the eureka moment! All the knowledge and patterns I had recognized throughout my life and nursing career made sense! This is my enlightenment! 


As a result of a newly expanded awareness, I explored different alternative health therapies in eastern methodology. After a lot of trialling and testing, I found that I had to change my course in life, as I had to share the unbelievable benefits of Chi Nei Tsang- Abdominal Massage, Tok Sen, Massage, energetic healing, and the Taoist meditations.​


​From this point, I have continued to focus my energy on the practice of alternative health and healing. I was very fortunate to be able to travel to Thailand to do further training with Mantak Chia and gained certification as a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner and other healing modalities such as Tok Sen, Thai herbal ball massage, Reiki training with Melissa Crowhurst, and a Massage therapy course, 

To finish what I started when I was younger

With all the knowledge, skills, and experience I have gained in learning this alternative healing method, I feel it is my passion and purpose in this lifetime to help aid humanity and this earth in more natural ways! Being able to pass this information on is very fulfilling to me! I am hoping I can help people, so they can live more fulfilling lives! By helping them connect with what really matters to them!

​I would be delighted to help you through your journey in life in whatever way I possibly can!



Daen Reader-Collins

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