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Mountains Meet Lake

The basic ideology of the Taoist healing arts. 

When we are born from this world, we are shaped by a unique blend of energies. 
These energies are obtained from our genealogy, our parent's and grandparent's energies, and our celestial or astrological signature.

This is the star alignment and universal energy at the time and place we are born.

These concepts and energy percentages, formulate the foundation of our elemental nature at birth (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth). the different makeup of these elemental energies, contributes in determining our personality, emotional traits, and susceptibility to environmental influences and health imbalances.

Taoist healing has  immeasurable knowledge of these energies and has various tools that create a boundless understanding of self-awareness. Including the processes in the natural environmental world and the internal-external universe. 

Taoist healing looks at our health from the perspective, based on nurturing these elements to re-balance, recycle or transfer the energies within us.  As a organic farmer or gardener would do, when they are working with these five elements when growing plants etc. 

You want to provide an optimal healthy environment  to grow and prosper in!

This is done by using a range of techniques that include Meditation to create a more robust connection with our internal world and self-awareness. Tai Chi & Qigong (Energy-Work-Movement), which helps in developing a connection and feeling with the internal and external surrounding energies. 

Taoist healing & Traditional Chinese medicine aims to assist in restoring balance or supporting weak or excess elemental energies.
Bodywork including Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Tok Sen, Energetic/Cosmic healing, and many more alternative healing modalities aim to restore circulation and energetic  flow to the body's circulating pathways when they have become stagnant or restricted.

These are all various tools that have been, trailed, tested, and adapted over 1000s of years to create the range of natural alternative health practices we have today.

If you want to know more about Taoist healing or experience the amazing Taoist healing practices for yourself,

contact or book a session with me to find out more information.

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