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Simply Premium Incense is made from only the highest quality ingredients


Sandalwood is a rich and exotic scent from the forests of the Far East and  derived from the Santalum tree. The wood is considered to be one of the most sacred elements in various religions worldwide and also one of the most expensive woods in the world. 


Sandalwood has been used as incense sticks since the inception of mankind. Its distinctive, woody, warm, and lasting fragrance has several benefits:


Natural relaxant


Drives away negative vibes and unpleasant smells


Promotes positivity 


Healing and antiseptic properties


Each sleek black tube contains 25 incense sticks, made with a bamboo core and provide a one-hour burn time per stick.




Made in Australia


Cruelty free & vegan


Scented with cosmetic-grade fragrance


Long lasting Size / Duration:25 x 1 hour sticks


Product Code: 4107


Brand: SIMPLY Simply Incense

Premium Sandalwood Incense

SKU: 4107
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