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Our Sleepy Tea is an aromatic,loose leaf, floral blend that invites calmness, relaxation and balance to the energetic systems. We combined valerian root, camomile flowers, St johns wort and elderflower to create this uniquely flavoured blend, invigorating your taste buds and assisting to calm the mind body and spirit to help with a great night sleep.

Sleepy Tea 60g

  • 1-3 tsp per glass 250-300ml Steep for 3-10 minutes with 80-90℃ water depending on desired strength. Tea will change in flavour depending on time that it is brewed for.


    May Assist with Sleepiness, Always consult your healthcare professional before consumption
    Herbs supplied by Austral Herbs, Australia.  Best Before: 18/3/22
    Store In a Cool dry place below 30 degrees

  • Chamomile Flowers, Valerian Root, Passionflower, Calendula Petals, Elderflower, St Johns wort, Hibiscus flower.

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